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The Message

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A collection of ready to use marketing material. Includes images, movies, texts and captions for your convenience. Pick and choose from these 11 curated content bundles all about Röshults and our products. Share directly on your social media, as a newsletter or something else inspiring.

New Brand

Introduction of Röshults for new retailers and collaborators.

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This is Röshults

The world of Röshults. See beauty from new perspectives.

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Röshults collections introduced. One concept, one design, one style.

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Showcasing reference images of projects using Röshults products.

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Visualize your ideas and refine your dreams in Röshults online planning tool.

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Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island. More than an outdoor kitchen, it’s the beginning of a life-long friendship.

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Take your outdoor project to the next level,  join us in an exclusive live online presentation now.

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Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen. The minimal and elegant outdoor kitchen for your patio.

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Röshults Concierge

Support and guide our clients throughout the journey to achieve their dream outdoor area.

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Wood Oven

Wood Oven, where true craftsmanship meets exclusive authenticity.

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Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with furniture in accordance with your dreams.

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