Open Kitchen 50 Gas Grill X

The minimalist version of our flagship product – the Kitchen Island. Open Kitchen offers flexibility limited only by your creativity. Welcome to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

A modular system, built to create your perfect outdoor kitchen. By choosing modules and details and adding a base, you will get a kitchen perfectly tailored to your needs. You can even add some elegant accessories for an extra personal touch. Perhaps a windshield to maintain the barbecue heat, or an apron that enhances the overall impression when you welcome your guests for tonight’s dinner?

Build your own Open Kitchen

1. Choose module
Design your kitchen by first deciding how you want to use it, and where you want to place the different working stations.

2. Choose colour
Choose one of our sophisticated alternatives: Brushed Stainless Steel or Anthracite.

3. Additional choice
Choose to add the optional teak bottom or keep the original colour (same as frame colour).

1st picture: Open Kitchen Frame 50 and Module Gas Grill X.
2nd picture: Open Kitchen Frame 50 and Module Gas Grill X.

Röshults Kitchen modules:
Module Gas Grill X
Module Charcoal Grill X
Module Cooker Hob X
Module Sink X
Module Drawer X
Module Cutting Board X



Open Kitchen Frame 50:
Anthracite without or with Teak Bottom
Stainless Steel without or with Teak Bottom


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L 500 D 570 H 431 mm / 38 kg
L 19.7 D 22.4 H 17 in / 84 lb

Stainless Steel

Anthracite / Brushed Stainless Steel

All measurements
Open Kitchen Frame 50:
L 500 D 500 H 650 mm / 22 kg
L 19.7 D 19.7 H 25.6 in / 49 lb

Module Gas Grill X
L 500 D 570 H 431 mm / 38 kg
L 19.7 D 22.4 H 17 in / 84 lb