Garden Shower

The Garden Shower by Röshults is a freestanding shower for the poolside, terrace or patio. Anyone can rig a nozzle up on the side of the shed, controlled by the garden hose spigot. The Garden Shower from Röshults takes it one step further, offering a minimalistic yet beautiful design that can be placed anywhere and is easily connected via standard connections.

The shower is designed by the Swedish designer duo Broberg & Ridderstråle, and was created with sophisticated elegance in mind. The structure is made of stainless steel and teak and it has a lovely rain effect from the perforated overlying bar. It follows Röshults design language perfectly with its elegant as well as practical design.

The beauty lives in the simplicity, but although simple it ages with dignity. The baseplate made of teak is associated with longevity. It endures the water while staying beautiful, just like exclusive, high quality material does.

Offering the highest level of comfort and pleasure, it is essential for outdoor relaxation.

Designer: Broberg & Ridderstråle

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L 850 D 850 H 2155 mm / 47.7 kg
L 33.5 D 33.5 H 84.4 in / 105.2 lb

Stainless Steel, Teak

Anthracite, Golden Brown

Material selection
We are always very selective about our materials, ensuring a high quality in our products.

Teak – a timber with natural golden brown nuance, beautiful fibres and good texture. With its unique traits, it is one of the most desired woods in the world. It does not whip, crack or turn brittle, nor does the colour alter when in contact with metal. Its naturally high oil content makes it resistant to rotting as well as insects. It is virtually maintenance free. Do note that teak, when exposed to the sun, will develop a silvery patina over time. Although it does not harm the quality, you can consult your local paint store if the original colour is preferred. We deliver our products untreated, letting the client decide. Also take into account that teak can react to its premier contact with moisture by grain rising. This is solved by using a fine-grained sandpaper. Our teak is FSC certificated and originated in Myanmar.

Stainless steel – a high quality, basically maintenance-free metal. If you wish to wipe off the surface, we recommend you to use warm water and a PH-adjusted soap. If stains were to appear, you can use a standard rust removal and a polisher adapted for stainless steel. Avoid using brushes or sponges containing metal – particles may transfer into the material, causing rust.

Akzo Nobel finish – a coating made with Akzo Nobel’s Interpon D2525 technology. It is an ultra durable powder coating, meeting the demanding weathering preventive requirements of leading industry specifications.