Troubleshooting - Röshults

Trouble Shooting

If your Grill does not function properly, use the following checklist before contacting your dealer for service. You may save the cost of a service call.


Grill won’t light when the control knob is rotated

  • • Check to see if LP tank is empty
  • • Clean wire(s) and/or electrode by rubbing with alcohol and clean swab
  • • Wipe dry with cloth
  • • Do other burners on the unit operate?
  • • Check to see if other burners operate. If so, check the gas orifice on the malfunctioning burner for obstruction.
  • • Check to see if LP tank is empty.


Low heat with knob in “HIGH” position

  • • Is the fuel hoses bent or kinked?
  • • Is the grill in a dusty area?
  • • Is there adequate gas supply available?
  • • Is it only one burner that appears low, does the orifice or burner need cleaning?
  • • Is the gas supply, or gas pressure low?
  • • Is the grill being pre-heated for 15 minutes?


Burner flame is yellow or orange, in conjunction with the odor of gas

• Call our customer service line +46 (0)36 440 32 10