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Teak Accessories

Teak Accessories

Teak is an extremely long-lasting hardwood with high natural oil content and natural water-resistance. When freshly milled, it has a leather-like scent. The beautiful golden wood teak was a natural choice when designing our accessories.


Like all living materials, teak needs some care and maintenance to sustain its qualities. When taken care of properly, it will endure and keep its look for many years to come.


To reduce the risk of wood cracks, the teak wood is oiled twice during the manufacturing process. Over time, each accessory will get its unique patina due to use and treatment.

Normal care

Make sure to wipe your teak cutting board or tray clean immediately after each use to reduce the risk of permanent stains.


Normal cleaning:

Clean the teak cutting board with dish soap and lukewarm water as soon as you are finished with your food preparations. Never leave puddles of water or other fluids on the surface. Do not use more water than necessary.


Quick cleaning:

Spray the teak cutting board with a solution made of one part water and one part 12% white vinegar. Wipe clean with a clean and dry cloth.


After some time, cracks may appear. It is therefore important to saturate the surface with oil on a regular basis. Spread a layer of oil with a clean towel. Use an ordinary, natural, cooking oil. Let set for a couple of minutes and then wipe off excess oil.


The Röshults Cutting board should be oiled every 14 days if used regularly, while the tray and the bottle rack only needs to be oiled on occasion.


  • • To remove stains from the cutting board, scrub with coarse salt.

• To even further prevent cracks, or if cracks are starting to appear, saturate the wood with oil and let set overnight, then wipe excess oil with a clean and dry towel.

  • • To obtain a fresh look and a clean surface, you can grind the wood with sandpaper, even after years of use.

Wood Line

Wood is offered in following variant.






Röshults sample ID: WD001

Origin: Thailand


Always store the teak accessories in a dry place.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects, obvious design flaws and coating imperfections. Some of our products are untreated and will develop a natural patina after some time in use. This is perfectly normal and is not a warranty issue. We recommend using our custom-made Luxury Covers for optimal protection. To avoid mold and other issues related to a damp environment, we strongly recommend placing something in between the product and the cover for maximum air circulation.



  • • An accident occurs after you have received the goods.
    • Neglect.
    • Improper or not intended use.
    • Failure to comply with care and maintenance guidelines.
    • The product is not protected from frost.