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Stainless Steel 316L

Stainless Steel 316L

To achieve highest quality and long-lasting products stainless steel is a natural choice for our outdoor furniture. In addition to high quality, it also has a clean look and is highly suitable for kitchen use as it is easy to maintain and keep hygienic. For products with a stainless steel finish we use Marine steel grade, 316L to get a particularly high resistance to corrosion and staining.


Stainless steel includes a group of iron-based alloys containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Stainless steel 316L also contains Molybdenum to get an even stronger protection against staining and corrosion. This is desirable where the possibility of severe corrosion exists, such as heavy industrial atmospheres and marine environments.

Normal care

Stainless steel is close to maintenance free. However, it requires some care to preserve its finish and aesthetics. To fully avoid corrosion, it needs to be cleaned regularly as dirt or other contaminations will reduce the surface’s corrosion resistance.


Stainless steel is easy to clean and thrives with frequent cleaning. It is impossible to “wear out” the material through normal cleaning.


  • Clean your product with mild soap and lukewarm water after each use. To avoid gray coating on the surface, do not let water or other liquids dry into the stainless steel.
  • As water contains mineral solids it may leave water spots/lime scale, it is advisable to wipe the surface completely with dry towel.


Normal cleaning:

Clean with dish soap and lukewarm water when you are finished with your food preparations. Never leave puddles of water or other fluids on the surface.


Thorough cleaning:

  1. 1. Sprinkle dry powdered detergent, such as washing powder on the surface.

2. Rub the powder gently on the surface with a damp sponge.

  1. 3. Wash thoroughly with cold water.
  2. 4. Wipe the surface dry with a dry soft cloth


Quick cleaning:

Spray the surface with a solution made of one part water and one part 12% white vinegar and wipe clean with a clean and dry cloth.


Staining can be caused by water marks from lime scale or long-term exposure to acids or solvents etc.


Staining/discoloring can occur when steel is heated above 200C°. Only the surface is affected and it can be removed by polishing/using Scotch Brite. Make sure to polish in the same direction as the surface’s brush lines.


Removal of lime coatings:

Lime deposits caused by water evaporation on the surface can be removed with any of the following solutions: Vinegar 10% or Diluted nitric acid (1/5 HNO3, 4/% water). During treatment with nitric acid you should have a good ventilation to air out any substances that could have negative effect on your health. Also please follow the same handling regulations as for strong acids. After treatment with any of the above solutions, rinse the surface thoroughly with cold water and wipe it dry with a soft polishing cloth.


Removal of rust coatings:

A lack of proper maintenance can cause rust stains. Therefore, rust coatings should be removed immediately to not risk heavier stains.


Rust can normally be removed by using a mild scouring powder.

• Rub the dry scouring powder gently against the steel surface with a damp cloth. Make sure to polish in the same direction as the brush lines from the manufacturing.

• Wash with cold water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.


If a coating of rust have been allowed to dry into the surface for a long period of time a certain discoloration from the corrosion will appear on the stainless steel surface. This results in discoloration can still be present after the rust has been removed. In such cases we recommend alternative brushing with dry nylon fiber brushes or rust removal with dilute nitric acid HNO3, diluted with 4 parts water. Rinsing and drying as above.


To protect the outdoor product and make it easier to clean, please use our custom-made covers.

Metal Line

Metal is offered in following variant.


Stainless steel
Grade 316L
Scotch Brite


Röshults sample ID: ME003


Carbon steel



Röshults sample ID: Not available




Some of our products are covered with a plastic foil for protection during transportation. After installation, the foil must be removed before use. If it is not removed, it might cause corrosion.


Make sure air can circulate under the cover to keep mold at bay. Please, check periodically.


• Do not use strong chemicals. Only use mild soap and lukewarm water.

• The furniture has sharp edges and corners of metal that can cause damage on contact.

• Do not use sharp objects on the stainless steel parts. It can cause scratches and paint scrapes.

• Position furniture on a plane and robust surface to avoid tilting.

• Be aware of pinching and crushing injuries when handling the furniture.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects, obvious design flaws and coating imperfections. Some of our products are untreated and will develop a natural patina after some time in use. This is perfectly normal and is not a warranty issue. We recommend using our custom-made Luxury Covers for optimal protection. To avoid mold and other issues related to a damp environment, we strongly recommend placing something in between the product and the cover for maximum air circulation.



  • • An accident occurs after you have received the goods.
    • Neglect.
    • Improper or not intended use.
    • Failure to comply with care and maintenance guidelines.
    • The product is not protected from frost.