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Integrated Marble

Integrated Marble

To embellish and add that extra exclusivity to our products, we add marble details to our designs. Marble is a natural material and if you maintain it properly it will last a lifetime.


To achieve a high-quality result and premium design levels, we offer three types of marble: white, black, and green marble. The white Bianco Marble Carrara C honed, which is one of the world’s finest and most characteristic types of marble. Our choice of black marble is the Nero Marquina for a luxurious look, and for our more venturous customers we have chosen the green marble Verde Guatemala.


Each piece of marble has its specific appearance in terms of colors and texture. Therefore, please note that images and photos will not give marble justice as all pieces are different.

Normal care

Marble is a porous material sensitive to acidic and colored liquids and high temperatures. Fluids with low pH and/or color, such as wine, citrus, vinegar, or other sour substances may leave marks and stains. Matter from food, dirt mid or can also stain the surface.


  • • Any fluid or stain should immediately be wiped clean to reduce the risk of permanent damage.
  • • When needed, clean your marble carefully with a fine cloth and soft soap water with a neutral pH level. Preferably, use only detergent products specifically made for marble.


Marble is an exclusive nature material that needs special care to maintain its qualities.


  • •Before taking it into use, polish it thoroughly using marble oil.
  • •Polish the stone surface with marble oil regularly throughout the year to protect the surface and keep its beautiful finish.
  • •Always keep the marble in temperatures above 10°C/50°F to reduce the risk of cracks.


Stone is offered in following variant.


Carrara C Honed


Röshults sample ID: Not available

Origin: Italy


Nero Marquina


Röshults sample ID: Not available

Origin: Spain


Verde Guatemala


Röshults sample ID: Not available

Origin: India


  • • Do not store marble outdoors in cold weather. At low temperatures, it may crack. Always keep it inside when outdoor temperatures are below 10°C/50°F.
  • •Do not place hot pots or pans directly onto the marble. High temperatures can cause the marble to crack.

•Marble is sensitive to acidic and colored substances such as sour liquids, sauces, and foods like fish and meat. Make sure to wipe the surface clean immediately after each use to keep it in mint condition.


The warranty covers manufacturing defects, obvious design flaws and coating imperfections. Some of our products are untreated and will develop a natural patina after some time in use. This is perfectly normal and is not a warranty issue. We recommend using our custom-made Luxury Covers for optimal protection. To avoid mold and other issues related to a damp environment, we strongly recommend placing something in between the product and the cover for maximum air circulation.



  • • An accident occurs after you have received the goods.
    • Neglect.
    • Improper or not intended use.
    • Failure to comply with care and maintenance guidelines.
    • The product is not protected from frost.