Adding practicality to the barbecue experience
Röshults Wheels are a useful addition to your outdoor kitchen. For the sake of practicality, we have made sure our wheels fit a big range of our outdoor products, including all grills. They are black, four cm in diameter and made for outdoor use. Our wheels come in a pack of four and they all have brakes, adding safety.

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4 cm i diameter
1,6 lb in diameter

Plastic and Iron


Comes in a pack of four

Wheels fits:

Booster BBQ Grill
BBQ Grill 300
BBQ Grill 200
BBQ Grill 100
Garden Kitchen Sink
Garden Cooker Hob
Garden Drawer Unit
Garden Sideboard 100
Garden Sideboard 50
Garden Trolley
Garden Easy Table 50×50
Garden Easy Table 100×50
Garden Easy Table 115×115