Monaco Coffee Table

Luxurious glass table
Iron. Leather. Glass. The Monaco lounge series combines these natural materials into an exclusive indoor range with an elegant architectural form.

Our Monaco Coffee Table is a magnificent table for sophisticated moments. Available in the same elegant colour combinations as the chair and the sofas in the series, it is an essential part of the designer lounge. Röshults Monaco Coffee Table has a table top of glass, a base of padded, stitched leather and frames of iron. The frame is offered in three different colours, and there are four colour options for the leather base. We produce the table in three sizes.

Frame colour
In addition to the classic colours of black and white, we have developed a variant with a clear, protective, matte coating over the metal surface. Any working marks and welds are left visible, telling the story each individual piece. We call this option “Raw”, celebrating its industrial feel.

Material Selection
As always, we only select the very finest materials for our furniture. Our leather exclusively comes from the Swedish company ELMO, whose animals all come from within Scandinavia. Each skin celebrates its natural heritage through visible scars and insect bites. As a result, each piece in our Monaco Lounge Series is highly unique. Also, we have chosen to use two-ply leather, offering a beautiful surface on both sides. The cushions are stuffed with down, in order to achieve the highest level of luxury, comfort and durability.


Designer: Broberg & Ridderstråle

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L 50 D 50 H 35 cm. 16 kg / L 20 D 20 H 14 in. 35 lb
L 100 D 50 H 35 cm. 27 kg / L 39 D 20 H 14 in. 59,5 lb
L 115 D 115 H 35 cm. 46 kg / L 45 D 45 H 14 in. 101 lb

Iron, Leather, Glass


Beige 43024
Black 91035
Light Grey 01061