After having listened to requests from our clients, we have produced a protective plate for Fire Baskets. It fits Röshults Original and both sizes of Röshults Urban. The plate is made of galvanised steel, and it has bent edges for extra safety.

Fire Basket not included.


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L 60 D 60 cm. Vikt: 4,9 kg
L 23,5 D 23,5 in. Weight: 11 lb

Galvanised steel

Fire Basket Original
Fire Basket Urban 50
Fire Basket Urban 70

The history of the fire basket stretches over millenniums. One of the most famous examples was located in the Lighthouse of Pharos – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The fire basket was seen from afar, offering comfort and guidance to many seafarers. Today we are proud to present Röshults Fire Baskets – modern, genuine and handcrafted in Sweden. Our beautiful fire baskets will lighten the dark nights of Winter and create a cosy, sensual atmosphere in the evenings of  Summer. A Fire Basket from Röshults is a natural centrepiece, around which everyone can gather. Whether in a castle or a humble abode, a small family event or a big celebration, Röshults Fire Basket is an appreciated addition – a source of fascination and joy.