Non-seasonal barbecue

Are you one of those people who enjoys dinner from the grill all year around? Or do you, like the majority of people, let the weather decide when it is time for barbecue or not?

If you are not an “all year around-barbecuer” already, you really should try! Winter grilling has a lot of advantages, the most important one being that food made on the grill always tastes better.

In the ideal image of the perfect, warm summer night the grill is obvious. But imagine the best autumn, winter and spring days. The feeling of chilly days when your breath forms a cloud, cozy knits and magical foliage.

Why limit  good food experiences to the summer?

Don’t put the grill away just yet! We have some tips to make autumn and winter grilling enjoyable:

  • Regular gloves are not barbeque gloves! Make sure you have on heat-resistant gloves when operating your grill, take a look at these stylish ones for example.
  • Use a lid on the grill and lift it as little as possible – use a timer instead as the heat disappears very quickly in cold weather.
  • If you use a scarf, take a minute to tuck it into you jacket to make sure it doesn’t dangle over the grill and catch fire.

The outside area should be an extension of the inside area. If you want to make your dinner outside but want do dine inside and linger long after dessert – the dining area should be easy accessible to get plates in and out to your guests without the hassle of weaving around furniture.

Make sure your alfresco is fully equipped!

To make the outdoor kitchen and dining area livable all year round the furnishings needs to be carefully considered. In the Röshults range we have a variety of furniture for outdoor use, if you like our design, you can rest assure that whatever you choose it will fit perfectly together in both function and design.

Take a look at our range at your nearest dealer or in our online store

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