Röshults in one of Stockholm’s Most Beautiful Penthouses

The most expensive apartment in Stockholm, a penthouse of 165 square meters, was recently sold by luxury real estate agency Siv Kraft. Equipped with the latest technology as well as exclusive materials and designs, the penthouse is a dream come true for the discerning individual. Located on Banérgatan in beautiful Östermalm, with stunning views from the two terraces, the penthouse was sold for 39 million SEK, with a price of 235 000 SEK per square meter.

We are proud to announce that Röshults was selected by Siv Kraft as supplier of outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen products. The stunning penthouse is now equipped with our signature products, carrying the characteristic elegant design language of Röshults. We are very happy with the result of our pleasant cooperation with Siv Kraft!

* * *

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