Pizza night at Röshults headquarters

Early February, this year’s new products and prototypes was shown for the very first time. The event was a “Röshults-pizza night” and all employees and agents were invited. The food was presented by two local chefs, specialized in pizza and bread, that were invited to try our new BBQ Wood Oven. The pizzas were delicious! It was -15°C out, but that didn’t stop us from making dinner outside. The wood fired oven was lit a couple of hours before and was just the right temperature when the event started.

Tips! To get the best effect from our wood fired oven, put the wood on one side, and keep the oven opened. This makes the hot air inside circulate in a good way. The food got a nice wood fired taste, it was delicious!

The food we had this evening was:

  • Pork rillettes served on a seed cracker
  • Grilled sourdough sandwich topped with quenelle and pesto
  • Pizza with roe, potatoes and lemon
  • Pizza with truffle, parmesan and chives

The wood fired oven has many more areas of use than just pizza. AIt is perfect for both focaccias and bread, or why not pork rilette?

However, take some inspiration from our event, buy the oven and plan your next dinner party. It will be fantastic!

* * *

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