Exceptional opening hours week 25

Due to Swedish bank holiday on Friday 22/6, the office and customer support have exceptional opening hours during week 25:


This weeks opening hours:

Monday 18/6: 8.30-16.30

Tuesday 19/6: 8.30-16.30

Wednesday 20/6: 8.30-16.30

Thursday 21/6: 8.30-12.00

Friday 22/6: CLOSED


Röshults wish you a nice Midsummer celebrations with barbecue and friends!

* * *


Fair Report Milano Design Week 2018

Looking back on our week in Milan, we see a week with great meetings, new contacts and ideas. In our showroom in Brera District, presented in collaboration with agapecasa and brokis lighting,  our products were shown in an outdoor lounge where the sun was shining and people were relaxed!

Not only did we meet a customers, partners and friends. We also made a lot of new acquaintances. For example, we had the pleasure of discussing outdoor kitchens and BBQ with the well-known architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.

We want to direct a big thank you to all our visitors. We are looking forward to our continued relationships.

* * *


Pizza night at Röshults headquarters

Early February, this year’s new products and prototypes was shown for the very first time. The event was a “Röshults-pizza night” and all employees and agents were invited. The food was presented by two local chefs, specialized in pizza and bread, that were invited to try our new BBQ Wood Oven. The pizzas were delicious! It was -15°C out, but that didn’t stop us from making dinner outside. The wood fired oven was lit a couple of hours before and was just the right temperature when the event started.

Tips! To get the best effect from our wood fired oven, put the wood on one side, and keep the oven opened. This makes the hot air inside circulate in a good way. The food got a nice wood fired taste, it was delicious!

The food we had this evening was:

  • Pork rillettes served on a seed cracker
  • Grilled sourdough sandwich topped with quenelle and pesto
  • Pizza with roe, potatoes and lemon
  • Pizza with truffle, parmesan and chives

The wood fired oven has many more areas of use than just pizza. AIt is perfect for both focaccias and bread, or why not pork rilette?

However, take some inspiration from our event, buy the oven and plan your next dinner party. It will be fantastic!

* * *


New catalogue 2018 / 2019

Read the 2018 / 2019 catalogue here.

The catalog is currently in the printing press and is expected to arrive in late January.

You can already now take a look here.

* * *


Great Barbecuing Requires Great Accessories

Therefore, we offer two practical as well as stylish Aprons, made of high quality Canvas and Leather. In addition to handy pockets, they have an adjustable neck strap and a movable towel hook. A Röshults Apron is designed with the chef in mind, with no detail left to chance. 

* * *


New Additions to the Monaco Series

We are proud to present new products to our Monaco Lounge Series! Let’s introduce the Monaco Daybed & Ottoman and the Monaco Sideboard. As always, we only use the finest materials, and the iron frames as well as the leather bases are available in several colour options.

The choice is yours! 

Luxurious Indoor Daybed

The Monaco Daybed & Ottoman completes your indoor lounge, and makes it more relaxing than ever before. It is designed for ultimate comfort and elegance. The generous size makes it a prominent part of the room, and its exclusive materials demonstrate high quality. The Monaco Daybed & Ottoman creates a natural feeling of relaxation. 

Luxurious Indoor Sideboard

The Monaco Sideboard is a natural part of the elegant indoor lounge. With a stainless steel frame, a leather shelf, and a glass table top, exclusive materials are composed into a classic design. The Monaco Sideboard is available in two sizes and several colour combinations, to suit your specific preferences and needs. 

* * *


Build Your Own Kitchen Island Online

Launching the first online version of Röshults Kitchen Island Builder

We are very happy with the response we received for our unique modular product Kitchen Island. Always aiming to improve the experience of our clients, we are now launching Röshults Kitchen Island Builder. With this web app, you can build, test and modify your very own Kitchen Island from Röshults.


The web application is targeting up-to-date browsers for desktops and portable devices. We are constantly working on making the app as stable and useful as possible. If you like it, please share it with your friends!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The Kitchen Island

A practical outdoor kitchen, carrying the timeless elegance of Röshults, perfectly suited to accommodate the discerning individual. The result is a personalised Kitchen Island, made to meet and exceed your expectations!
Read more

* * *


A World´s First.

We are proud to present Röshults Booster BBQ Grill! This is not an ordinary barbecue. The Booster BBQ Grill combines our characteristic timeless and elegant design with revolutionary infrasound technology. With the fast rate of a gas grill, you can now achieve the smoky, delicious flavours that only a charcoal grill can give. We are taking barbecuing to a whole new level!

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill enables you to enjoy barbecuing like never before;

The Booster BBQ Grill heats up in a rapid 3-5 minutes (!) in comparison to the 20-30 minutes that an ordinary charcoal grill needs.

The intensity of the heat is easily regulated and it ranges from 150° to 400°C. The temperature can be changed instantaneously.

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is safer and more environmentally friendly than an ordinary charcoal barbecue, as unexpected flaming is prevented and smoke emission is minimized.

The consumption of charcoal is only a third (!) of the amount an ordinary charcoal barbecue requires.

We are beyond excited to launch Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. It will revolutionize barbecuing!

Read more about the Booster Grill at

glow-wp back-wp booster_reglage

* * *



This fall, we are presenting the most exciting product in the history of Röshults. With passion, experience, years of development and thousands of tests and evaluations, we have finally created the ultimate grill. This revolutionary barbecue combines innovative technology with our characteristic design language of sophistication and elegance. Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level.

We present The Booster Grill!


* * *


Röshults in one of Stockholm’s Most Beautiful Penthouses

The most expensive apartment in Stockholm, a penthouse of 165 square meters, was recently sold by luxury real estate agency Siv Kraft. Equipped with the latest technology as well as exclusive materials and designs, the penthouse is a dream come true for the discerning individual. Located on Banérgatan in beautiful Östermalm, with stunning views from the two terraces, the penthouse was sold for 39 million SEK, with a price of 235 000 SEK per square meter.

We are proud to announce that Röshults was selected by Siv Kraft as supplier of outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen products. The stunning penthouse is now equipped with our signature products, carrying the characteristic elegant design language of Röshults. We are very happy with the result of our pleasant cooperation with Siv Kraft!

* * *

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