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Milano – Swedish Love Stories

Thomas Bernstands woodbasket : LOG where choosen to represent Sweden in Milano


Superstudio Píu is an innovative exhibition venue in central Milan which features specially invited

companies and designers from various countries. The artistic director is Giulio Cappellini, who has offered

Svensk Form the chance to exhibit for a three-year period. Behind this year’s Swedish design exhibition is

Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) with support from VisitSweden, the Council for the

Promotion of Sweden Abroad (i.e. the Swedish Trade Council, the Invest in Sweden Agency, VisitSweden,

the Swedish Institute, and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs) and from GävleDala Designlab, the

Dalarna County Administrative Board and Region Dalarna (the Regional Cooperation Council of Dalarna).

Rebecca Ahlstedt of Designstudio has created Swedish Love Stories #3 on the same theme as last year.

Visitors are brought straight into the heart of Sweden to the region of Dalarna, with its rich design tradition,

skilled craftsmanship and contemporary design firms. The exhibition continues via historical references

made to work by designers such as Bruno Mathsson and Nisse Strinning but placed in an updated context,

to highly topical modern designers like Nina Jobs and Thomas Bernstrand. The aim of the exhibition is to

position Swedish design on the international stage, convey a message about sustainable quality of life, and

give visitors a sense of Sweden and Dalarna.

”The theme of Swedish Love Stories reflects the creative process and love of the materials, places and

people behind the products,” comments Ewa Kumlin, Managing Director of Svensk Form. ”We are seeing a

growing international demand for Swedish design and Swedish design history, and are therefore pleased to

be able to present a selection of Swedish design at this important forum in Milan where the whole world


”It is at the turning point between tradition and new applications that development can occur,” comments

Rebecca Ahlstedt, exhibition curator and project manager. ”Here we present different worlds, from the

factory floor to the lounge, from the home to the workplace, from the original to the contemporary.”

* * *

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