A World´s First.

We are proud to present Röshults Booster BBQ Grill! This is not an ordinary barbecue. The Booster BBQ Grill combines our characteristic timeless and elegant design with revolutionary infrasound technology. With the fast rate of a gas grill, you can now achieve the smoky, delicious flavours that only a charcoal grill can give. We are taking barbecuing to a whole new level!

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill enables you to enjoy barbecuing like never before;

The Booster BBQ Grill heats up in a rapid 3-5 minutes (!) in comparison to the 20-30 minutes that an ordinary charcoal grill needs.

The intensity of the heat is easily regulated and it ranges from 150° to 400°C. The temperature can be changed instantaneously.

Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is safer and more environmentally friendly than an ordinary charcoal barbecue, as unexpected flaming is prevented and smoke emission is minimized.

The consumption of charcoal is only a third (!) of the amount an ordinary charcoal barbecue requires.

We are beyond excited to launch Röshults Booster BBQ Grill. It will revolutionize barbecuing!

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